Successful Recruitment – for hiring managers

Successful Recruitment - for hiring Managers

The recruitment success is a result of both recruiter’s as well as the hiring manager’s involvement in the process. If a hiring manager handles the process poorly there is a high risk for him/her to fail in filling the vacancy successfully.

The high frequency of such failures we identified in our projects and also in the general market determined us to develop a program for hiring managers and support them in becoming more skillful at attracting the desired candidates and get an increased the rate of employment offers accepted by candidates.

We deliver wider programs or workshops that are designed to help hiring managers to be more successful and efficient at completing their teams. We target hiring managers, at all organization level.


  • To clarify managers’ direct impact on the candidates they meet.
  • To help managers identify the handle successfully the before, during and after the interview issues and cases.
  • To equip the managers with know-how, resources and tools to deal efficiently with the challenges of attracting and retaining the right people in their teams.

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You can directly contact us to develop a tailored recruitment program for your team and company.


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