Recruitment advisory


In the current tough labor market where companies struggle to get the best possible talents and where the workforce demand is much higher than the offer (quantitatively and qualitatively),

We counsel companies on how to win in a very competitive environment by developing new perspectives, approaches and skills for the hiring managers – those directly involved in building their teams.

The recruitment success is very much the blended result of hiring manager and recruiter’s efforts, also including the company and its perception in the market.

In order to make sure the hiring manager can successfully fill vacancies, we need to validate the following characteristics and behaviors of that person:

  • Clearly defines the need for recruiting
  • Participates in the process of correct profiling  
  • He / she  is realistic and flexible in approaching the labor market
  • Collaborates efficiently with the recruiting professional  
  • Can objectively and correctly evaluate candidates
  • May present the new job to the candidates as an opportunity
  • Identifies the potential of each candidate
  • Is able to make  (right and assumed) decisions

Experience has proven that an efficient  hiring manager  may increase the recruitment success rate up to 4.5 times and on a long term the benefits of a correctly performed recruiting process has the following benefits for the company:

  • A higher and sooner employee performance
  • Optimized retention and loyalty towards the company
  • A lower recruiting cost
  • A higher acceptance rate of the employment offers
  • An improved new employees’ integration process
  • A higher satisfaction of the manager related to the employed person, in a 6-12 months period

Talent Reserve consultants assist the hiring managers within the companies we work with in developing capacities to attract quality employees, therefore contributing to the company’s development in the long run.

With our professional help the companies define the expectations the managers should  have in the recruiting process, by designing the right profiling, recruitment and assessment standards and principles, optimizing the speed of the process and making sure the candidates’ experience is the right one during the whole recruitment process.

What we envision is to provide the companies with the know-how necessary to create a recruiting culture that will be aligned with the human resources strategy. This culture encourages, repays and invests in high quality leadership and has a major contribution in winning the best professionals on the market, even against certain competitors with a possible higher remuneration reputation.



You can directly contact us to discuss and understand your challenges regarding recruitment related issues   in your company





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