Organizational Intervention & Music


Music is a power of the universe which at Talent Reserve we use to help companies in boosting general performance and employees’ development and well being. This is taking the form of practical workshops where we use music, and more exactly music instruments like: 

  • a variety of percussion instruments – for all participants to use one
  • participants’ voice, which is a  musical and sounding instrument one carries with himself/ herself permanently
  • chromatic accordion
  • piano (keyboards)

Through assorted and relevant musical activities we introduce metaphors for a easier, more accessible and tangible understanding of concepts and ideas, processes, emotional states etc – which are related to the discussed topic targeted in our events. Then we identify and reflect on connections between the exercises and the daily life at work and in personal settings.

In these workshops we integrate music and learning through music metaphor with other with the help of methods and theories such as appreciative inquiry, social learning and experiential learning.

The main goal of using these methods targets for the participants to benefit from practical and personal learning, participation, interaction, socialization which are expected to create impact in areas such as group cohesion, a better communication between participants (even after the event), deepening self awareness and increasing self acceptance, even considering the interpersonal differences in a constructive manner.

  • The service can be requested as independent event at the company location or in other adequate space for musical activities.
  • It also can be requested as an activity to be integrated in a broader within a teambuilding event.
  • Or we can agree on a extensive program that will contain a series of workshops on one or more topics, to address organizational challenges in more depth.

Here you can find a more structured presentation of the Organizational Development & Music Service.


You can directly contact us to discuss and understand your challenges regarding the topics and setup for organizing the workshops for the teams in your organization.


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