The performance of a company is sustained by several pillars, and one of these that cannot be ignored is the human factor. Human capital is in fact a resource and a real competitive advantage and consists both of the skills and potential possessed by each individual person but also the totality of employees, as well as the motivation of people to use the potential to achieve business objectives, the decision to stay in the company and the decision to perform, the sense of belonging, safety, cultural alignment, etc.

In order to make informed, intelligent, relevant and meaningful decisions for both the company and employees with the aim of increasing motivation, performance, development, a real help for managers is the most accurate data on how employees perceive their experience in company.

The Organizational Diagnosis Service consists in the collection, centralization, analysis and delivery of data in structured manner, following individual discussions with the employees of a company. The data collected and delivered are both quantitative and qualitative, and refer to the way employees feel in the company and the way they perceive the experience with peers, management, operations, organizational culture and climate, their perception over the declared values in the company etc.

Data collection is carried out based on 1×1 discussions (consultant x each participating employee (offline or online)), based on a questionnaire with over 60 questions. The questions have both (closed) answer options and spaces for formulating open, qualitative, in-depth answers, with concrete examples. The consultant leads the discussion and completes the questionnaire.

The discussion itself often also has the role of helping employees to become aware of various organizational aspects (including their own accountability), in contrast to the impersonal invitation to fill in a questionnaire in a link (more efficient method in terms of time, but not data quality and the participant’s experience).


Deliverable: Centralized data presentation report and intervention recommendations.

 By analyzing this data, which we present in the form of reports structured by themes – we indicate the positive aspects as well as risk areas and propose personalized interventions in critical areas, but also in domains with the potential to increase a mutually beneficial experience for the employee and the employer, considering the objectives of both parties.

It is important for management to implement a minimum of post-project improvements – as the acceptance of employees to respond and be honest in this dialogue  comes with their expectation to see change/improvement efforts and will also encourage them to more actively participate in change.

Thus, companies can implement the most correct approaches in terms of improving the organizational climate, the effort of engagement and retention of employees, increasing performance and creating a healthy work environment (whether it is a physical or virtual environment).

Model from extracts from 2 different reports from 2 companies (we bring 2 companies forward precisely to highlight the fact that each company / team is different and requires a personalized approach.

Organizational Diagnosis Report Talent Reserve

Complementary benefits:

Beside showing the management a picture of employees’ opinions, attitudes, values, expectations, the participants themselves can sense they have a higher importance in the whole organization as individuals, they are more visible than they might think. They can grasp that by saying what they have to say they cand change something which satisfies their need for recognition, power, connectivity etc

 This awareness itself is a powerful engine to start change and further development. Subsequently, this change process need to be sustained and conducted by management, on schedule, in order to not dilute.

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