Labor law, payroll and administration – workshop for HR specialists

Labor law, payroll and administration

Working with legal requirements in employment area is not always an easy or entirely clear task for many. There are rules and there are sometimes dilemmas on which rule and how it should be applied in a specific employment situation.

One of our colleagues, Eliza,  is an expert in labor law area and also offers services in personnel payroll & administration.

She can support HR specialists as well as other departments’ representatives to understand and comply with labor regulations. Eliza can help in situations like employment file and payroll, employee discipline, leave, working schedule and all sort of things in order for a company to act in compliance with local labor law.

She has been involved in delivering workshops for HR specialists in large companies and is ready to support more people who are interested or in need to solve such sometimes unexciting chapters in dealing with employees. 

In case you are interested to find out more or to register for an upcoming workshop, please lt us know through the form below which helps us administer your request.

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