HR Strategic Planning and Development


When the company you manage develops quickly or when the industry you work in is extremely dynamic, the situation may overwhelm everyone in the organization, especially the ones responsible with managing the human resources. Without a solid plan, you will also have the feeling you won’t manage to face the changes dictated by the market and technology evolution.

Strategic planning and developmentis a dynamic and flexible process through which we identify the quantity and quality of the current competencies in an organization, relatevely to the business needs and objectives and envision the future ones, and supporting the aquisition and development of the talent necessary in the long term.

Talent Reserve specialists answer the 4 main questions in the strategic planning of the human resources:

  1. Where are you now
  2. Where do you want to go
  3. Where is the market heading
  4. How can you  get there

Therefore, the strategic planning of the human resources in an organization facilitates:

  • Ensuring the right human resource to contribute to the organization’s strategic goals – assigning the right employees, with the right capacities, at the right moment
  • Adapting to social, economic, legal and technological tendencies from the industry you operate in and that have an impact on the labor force
  • Flexibility for approaching possible unpredicted changes of the social-economic context

The mechanism created by strategic planning ensures the labor force necessary to fulfil a certain task and establishes the capacity map that an employee has to have for a certain position in the organization.

The existing strategic planning and people development are essential for keeping or acquiring a competitive advantage of the company on its reference market. On this note, the adoption of a re-skilling processes, a solid and coherent architecture of the employees’ development and motivation system, as well as supporting a balanced climate within the organization are essential for ensuring and maintaining this competitive advantage.

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