Find your job – smart planning and practical approach for candidates

Find your job

We strive on a permanent basis to find the right candidates for the companies who ask to support with recruitment processes.

In the same time we had been asked by people looking for a job to support them with advice in their researach and in getting eligible to get the right or desired job.

Thus we developed a one to one program with a tailored approach, considering the specific person and his/ her challenges in finding a job.

We also designed the Finding Your Job Workshop where multiple participants can be present and get  support by sharing their experience, thoughts and opinions. Beside the group members’ self-help we intervene with a guideline and advice from the area of career counseling as well with info based on the labor market and its realities.


  • To identify the appropriate area for career development;
  • To design a resume to clearly reflect work history, competencies, achievements and desired career direction and level;
  • To learn about and use the correct channels and approaches to get into recruiters’ attention;
  • To learn and improve the skills related to participating at job interviews.

In case you are interested to find out more or to register for an upcoming workshop, please let us know through the form below which helps us administer your request.

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