When the company you manage develops quickly or when the industry you work in is extremely dynamic, the situation may overwhelm everyone in the organization, especially the ones responsible with managing the human resources. Without a solid plan, you will also have the feeling you won’t manage to face the changes dictated by the market and technology evolution.

Many organizations may face during their existence with a variety of difficult situations which touch their business performance. It became more obvious that even if companies may have an abundance of financial and technological resources, these cannot be optimally capitalized if there is no capable human factor to operate with these assets. So the human resource is of a much greater importance and a company’s ability to handle people in the right manner depends on how well management know people in terms of capabilities, knowledge, competence and potential.

Thus a company may get an immense power in order to safeguard its success.


When and why is necessary to run a process of employees’ Competencies and Potential Mapping?

Through our service Competencies and Potential Mapping, we are targeting companies that confront with:

  • Lack of clarity in terms of individual and cumulated talent in their structure (employees’ knowledge base, soft skills, potential for development, strengths and weaknesses), in structured manner  
  • The need to measure the potential and unknown competencies which can then be applied in company’s critical or opportunistic projects. This kind of perspective and intelligent use of talent can play an important role as a positive differentiation from competition by creating sources of competitive advantage.
  • The need to set a clear development plan for employees, to get them equipped for company’s present and future progression.  

The Competencies and Potential Mapping service is a way of strategic approach of human capital.

Strategic planning and developments a dynamic and flexible process through which we identify the quantity and quality of the current competencies in an organization, relatively to the business needs and objectives and envision the future ones and supporting the acquisition and development of the talent necessary in the long term.

Talent Reserve specialists answer the 4 main questions in the strategic planning of the human resources:

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Where do you want to go?
  3. Where is the market heading?
  4. How can you get there?


Therefore, the strategic planning of the human resources in an organization facilitates:

  • Ensuring the right human resource to contribute to the organization’s strategic goals – assigning the right employees, with the right capacities, at the right moment
  • Adapting to social, economic, legal and technological tendencies from the industry you operate in and that have an impact on the labor force
  • Flexibility for approaching possible unpredicted changes of the social-economic context


What is being delivered in the process of Competencies and Potential Mapping?

  • At the end of the process the management receives a report with text and visuals regarding the levels of the critical competencies among the current employees. The strengths and weaknesses of individuals and groups are highlighted and recommendation for development are suggested – in harmony with company’s priorities and strategic plans.

                                                Abstract from such report you can see by clicking on the image below.


Principles and work methods

  • Soft competencies and potential can be identified with personality tests and also through cognitive tests. 360° assessment are also a tool when we need to consider the incumbents or / and successors for the leadership roles within the organization.  
  • We advocate for and use powerful tools in terms of their accuracy to predict the critical aspects that are being explored (soft competencies and their level, productive behaviors, ability to work with data, figures, logical ability etc)
  • The consultant together with management identifies and clarifies the list of critical competencies and behaviors from employees’ part that impact the business results.
  • The tests are being administered fully online to each participant, after a previous communication to employees about the project.
  • The consultant centralizes, analyses and present the information in structured and easy to use manner, with a series of conclusions and recommendations.

You can directly contact us to  discuss and understand your challenges regarding the implementation of Competencies and Potential Mapping processes  in your company



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