When and why is necessary to get a Competence and Potential Mapping?

When the company you lead is developing rapidly or when the industry you operate in is extremely dynamic, the situation can overwhelm everyone in the organization, you can always have the feeling that you are unable to cope with the changes dictated by the evolution of the market and technology.

Strategic workforce  planning is a dynamic and flexible process that identifies the quantity and quality of current skills in the organization, in relation to the current needs and objectives of the business and considering the needed set of skills in future, thus supporting the decision for acquisition and development of the talent necessary for business long-term success. Some direct application for competencies inventory and mapping: develop a succession planning for key roles in organization, developing employees for upcoming business development projects, develop employees to fill in skills gaps, map the competencies and potential data to have handy information for any unforeseen situation when a leader needs to just shift the right people to respond to emergencies.

It is increasingly visible that the abundance of financial resources, of the last generation technologies available to companies cannot be truly exploited if there are no appropriate people to adequately operate these assets and tools. The structure of a company’s workforce is constantly changing (through the development of employees, or their departure from the company or by the obsolescence of some knowledge or skills due to the evolution of technology or the change of the business model). Many business problems can be solved and turned into strong points by providing dynamic information that shows which are the most suitable collaborators that the company can access for a new project at any moment or at least easily, who are collaborators that have both the knowledge and skills needed today , as well as the possibility to easily adapt  in the future.

A company that knows the potential of its people thus holds a huge power to ensure its success if the leaders can manage the potential held by all employees.

Through the identification and Mapping of employees’ skills and potential service, we address companies facing:

  • Lack of clarity on the individual and total talent available through the employed workforce (knowledge, skills, potential employee strengths and weaknesses), in a structured, clear, easy-to-access and understandable format.
  • The need to measure the potential and skills unknown / not yet discovered among employees – which can be harnessed in special projects, with impact even in differentiation from competitors (identification of competitive advantage through the cumulative talent of the workforce)
  • The need to correctly establish the directions for the development of skills and capitalize on potential. The need to invest resources as adequately and efficiently as possible in order to develop the workforce

The Employee Skills and Potential Mapping Service is part of a strategic workforce approach. We can think in terms of identifying and keeping an inventory of these intangibles.

Strategic planning is a dynamic and flexible process that identifies the quantity and quality of current skills in the organization, in relation to the current needs and objectives of the business and predicts the future ones, supporting the acquisition and development of the talent necessary for long-term success.

What is the deliverable at the end of Employee Skills and Potential Mapping process?

Here we are talking about 2 types of deliverables:

  • Fix form deliverable – a report presenting the skills with valid data at a certain date, namely that of the collection and processing of information regarding the potential and skills of employees. These data present a high level of accuracy. There should be noted that, over time, along with the internal dynamics and development of employees, the report will no longer contain updated data, and it will be necessary to resume the evaluation and create a new skills mapping report.
  • Dynamically deliverable – by facilitating the company’s use of an IT system where it can update information over time and extract data on skills and potential and a historic progress, within the company in various formats and combinations of skills mix, in real time.


Report with graphical data and interpretive text on the presence and level of skills needed in business today and in the future. Highlighting the strengths and weaknesses, competitive advantage and risk areas for the company through the lens of the talent structure – relative to the current situation and plans for further business development.

          Extracts from such a fixed report (customizable for each individual company) can be found by clicking on the image below


Principles and work methods

  • Soft competencies and potential can be identified with personality tests and also through cognitive tests. 360° assessment are also a tool when we need to consider the incumbents or / and successors for the leadership roles within the organization.  
  • We advocate for and use powerful tools in terms of their accuracy to predict the critical aspects that are being explored (soft competencies and their level, productive behaviors, ability to work with data, figures, logical ability etc)
  • The consultant together with management identifies and clarifies the list of critical competencies and behaviors from employees’ part that impact the business results.
  • The tests are being administered fully online to each participant, after a previous communication to employees about the project.
  • The consultant centralizes, analyses and present the information in structured and easy to use manner, with a series of conclusions and recommendations.

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