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Talent Reserve is a boutique-type human resources agency founded in 2014 by Oksana Rusu with 17 years experience Human Resources Management, a Master Degree in Human Resource Management and a  Certification of Sr. Professional in HR by SHRM (USA).

Oksana is also passionate about music (playing piano, button accordion and most recently started to master the singing voice by working with a professional voice coach) and decided to integrate music with the HR area. This resulted in designing of a special service of Organizational Development & Music – in the format of experiential learning workshops where music is used as a tool and a learning metaphor to be shifted in real life activities and challenges.

Oksana currently coordinates HR programs oriented towards increasing the companies’ productivity with an impact on indicators such as: dropping the employees’ fluctuation, cutting costs associated with recruitment and onboarding process, but also by intelligently writing off the investment in the human capital by supporting companies to become more performing and qualified to meet the future. 

The human resources programs proposed by Talent Reserve are dedicated to companies experiencing  a series of challenges that are often seen in business environment, such as:

    • Difficulties in having employees work and function in a healthy way as teams and community
    • Difficulties of certain employees about accepting change and accommodating to novelty, in the economic, social and extremely dynamic technological environment
    • Unproductive attitudes and behaviors, and performance issues at individual and team level
    • The need for a leadership development strategy (leadership – a group of individuals within a company, with visions and values aligned to those of the organization, capable to inspire, motivate and support the employees’ performance, determining valuable results for business)
    • The need for changing employees’ thinking models and mindsets, in the sense of directing them towards business understanding and assuming personal impact in the organization
    • The need to develop and consolidate a culture oriented towards values like adjustment and learning, responsibility, respect, teamwork / cooperation, performance, etc.


To ensure the efficiency of our programs, the first step is a honest talk – it is important to have relevant and accurate information as a start point about the people in the organization and main issues as perceived by management.  

The methodology we apply includes  semi-structured 1:1 (online) interviews and powerful tests & inventories, personality and competences measurement and  360° evaluations to reveal the organizational climate and also the employees’ capacities and potential.

We also organize development interventions for employees using music and experiential learning principles. 

At the end of each project we deliver reports with detailed quantitative and qualitative data and interpretations, along with recommendations for the hot issues, customized for each organization’s work environment.



Competencies and Potential Mapping

Organizational diagnosis and intervention

The organizational intervention is a wide process aiming at improving performance and increasing profitability in a business, starting from the information collected from inside the company, in a structured way. Such data refer to the people potential, knowledge, capabilities, values and work environment in an organization.

Recruitment advisory services

Experience has proven that an efficient and involved hiring manager may increase the success rate up to 4.5 times and on a long term.

Organizational Intervention & Music

Career Coaching

We can support people in identifying an appropeiate career path to follow, in accordance with their deep values, strengths, abilities and availability to aquire new skills and knowledge.

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